Are you an emerging artist looking for a venue?  Shaviq might be the place for you!  We accept new artists periodically based on available space

and the artist’s ability to participate in the co-op. 

*How do I become an artist at Shaviq?

1. Come to the gallery and look around, get a feel for what’s selling at Shaviq.  Please do not bring sample items to the gallery unless you’re invited to do so. 

2.  Send an email to the owner.  Tell us a little bit about yourself as an emerging artist.  Include 3-5 good photos of current work and availability of what you’re proposing to sell. If you have a website or a Facebook page with more art, please include that information as well.  

3. From this information your photos will be juried by several current selling artists at Shaviq.  This takes a while so be patient!  The owner will contact you to either decline your submission, or to set up a time to meet with her.  At this meeting she will look at your samples and to discuss the contract. 

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Thanks for submitting!