Sam Uttecht Heltibridle

I grew up in Whitewood, SD, playing in the woods, and developing a great love of nature. That fascination led me into a career as a professional artist. I studied at the Metropolitan State College of Denver and Black Hills State University to receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I currently live in Box Elder, SD with my husband, Doug, our son, Dean, and our dogs, Sorscha and Luna.


I have been fascinated with wood from a very early age. My father is a carpenter, so wood has always been in my life, and translated into my art. I can remember asking my dad for a piece of plywood to draw on as a young kid, and he gave me a piece of foamboard instead. I was very disappointed. 


As an adult, I create Mixed Media artwork on wood, using primarily colored pencil, with acrylic paint, burning, carving, ink, watercolor, and metal as accents. The wood that I use is often reclaimed or ‘scrap’ material, in pine, bugwood, birch, elm, cedar, and other species. These pieces become my canvases, and I strive to let the beauty of the wood shine through.