Diane Myers

Feather Painting

Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to the Black Hills in 1993 with my husband, Jack and our children. My heart found a true home here in the Black Hills of South Dakota not only for my family but for my artistic talent.


     I firmly believe that my artistic abilities are a gift from God.  It is by his amazing Grace that I am able to paint on any given surface as well as paint and give life to any subject.  I do believe that I am not alone in this quest as I believe my hand is guided by the Heavens, hence the name of my company is “Spirit Reigned Art”.


     I have always painted starting off with personalized portraits of family,pets, homesteads, buildings, barns, churches, etc.  That being said, I have always found my true artistic passion in the form of all animals both tame and wild.


     Being intrigued by feathers, I began painting on turkey feathers in 2012.  Although I love to paint on all things natural: wood, handmade paper, and eggs, feathers are my ultimate favorite canvas!