Lalenia Seifert

Oil Painting

Lalenia was raised in North Dakota and in the Pacific Northwest. Many years of her childhood were spent with her grandparents. Her Grandmother is an artist and she helped piqued Lalenia’s interests at a very young age. She always included her in her projects, sewing, music, sign painting, china painting, watercolors, and finally oil paints. After years of play, Lalenia found oil painting is her strength. Although, She will play in any medium she can get her hands on. 


In 1993 Lalenia moved to Rapid City, South Dakota. This has been her home since then. She loves the seasons and all they have to offer, camping, fishing, snowboarding, hunting and so much more. 


Lalenia’s family is very supportive. They always encourage her to be creative. After years of being a dental assistant, She decided to go back to school and change to a creative career in cosmetology. Her husband and four children have been pivotal in building her salon career and also her extensive art portfolio. 


“I create art that features the beautiful Black Hills area. I love where I live and this passion gives motivation and heart to everything I create. I hope you enjoy my art and find something for yourself or a gift you’d like to share.

Thank You,

Lalenia “