Sarah Elizabeth

Artist. Poet. Explorer. Lover of Nature & Classics. Child of the Light. Daughter of the King.

I’ve lived in and around the Black Hills of South Dakota for over 4 years now, and I am still awed by the dazzling night sky, mist over the mountains, and the array of treasures that can be found on and off the trail.


God places each person here for a purpose and He desires to be glorified in every individual’s existence. My role in that is to use art and poetry to praise Him, speak life, bring healing and joy to people, and to use well what I have been given. 


Many of my pieces use parts that I’ve found when exploring, digging through trash, or seeking to reuse or repurpose something that I already have. That which one would discard or sees as worthless has the potential to be something beautiful of placed in the right hands. We all have the potential to be something beautiful if placed in the right hands.