Seth Pitt

Originally from Michigan, Seth currently works out of a small town in the mountains which is his favorite town he’s ever been to. It’s a tiny town in West Virginia, which is located within the United States which was created by some confused humans drawing imaginary lines across a landmass called North America on a planet called earth which is a rock in a universe that no-one really understands.


There, aside from making art, he deeply enjoy writings, looking at clouds, gazing into the woods, marveling at the innate brilliance of common things and having small parades with the fine people he’s been lucky enough to come to know and love.


A lot of the work he makes is, at the heart of it, about being entirely boggled by the great universe that no-one really understands. He’s not boggled in a paralyzing way but rather in a let’s-just-keep-pushing-buttons-and-see-what-happens sort of way. He keeps pushing a lot of buttons and it keeps getting more and more interesting.


He is self taught, didn’t go to art school, and couldn’t draw a shoe very well when he was young. In fact, he spent the majority of his youth believing that he was not an artist at all. While he still cannot draw a show very well, he is happy to have eventually learned that the ability to do so has no consequence on whether or not one should be making art.


He considers daydreaming essential, wonder imperative and an unyielding reverence for life boundlessly imperative.




“I’ve come to believe that all this work you see here, and all the work I will ever make, is a big collaborative effort. We learn what we value by those who touch our lives by wandering around in their own simple gorgeous ways and  we create what we do by looking into what we value. This stands to reason that everything I do is an echo of things I’ve learned from people, namely those who have shown me love, kindness or care. This is still happening. It’s happening right now. Thank you.”