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Vicky Tennison


I like to explore new techniques in my jewelry making. I am currently learning how to enamel and solder. As with many people who like to create, I can’t stop at one medium. Recently I have discovered book binding, making watercolor journals and felting covers for multi- purpose journals.

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Susan Drey


Susan’s background in architecture, along with her love of nature and passion for life are perfectly conveyed in her watercolor paintings with their energetic and expressive style.

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Sam Uttecht Heltibridle

colored pencil on wood

I create Mixed Media artwork on wood, using primarily colored pencil, with acrylic paint, burning, carving, ink, watercolor, and metal as accents. The wood that I use is often reclaimed or ‘scrap’ material, in pine, bugwood, birch, elm, cedar, and other species.


Deborah Vick

drawing and painting

Debbie loves the beauty of the Black Hills and paints them en Plein Air using acrylics. She also excels in pencil, charcoal, Gouache, some watercolor, some crochet and needlework.


Mark Butcher

Stained Glass

“For me, art is a spiritual experience and I approach it as a spiritual discipline.  God is a Creator and we are made in His image.  Therefore, we were created to be creators.  Art is one of the avenues in which I can fulfill my calling.”


Diane Myers

Feather Painting

Being intrigued by feathers, I began painting on turkey feathers in 2012.  Although I love to paint on all things natural: wood, handmade paper, and eggs, feathers are my ultimate favorite canvas!


Melinda Sterling

Acrylic Paint and Collage

Melinda uses acrylic paint in her work.  Once she has large sheets of paper covered with paint, she sets to work cutting, tearing, and arranging the separate pieces into a landscape resembling the beautiful scenery here in the Black Hills.

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Samantha Haugen


Hi, my name is Samantha Haugen, and I am the Creator of Running Gray Nature Photography. I have always loved photography and I take a lot of nature, landscape and wildlife pictures.  I created Running Gray Nature Photography because I wanted people to see views of nature that they might not know about.

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Seth Pitt


The art Seth makes is, at the heart of it, about being entirely boggled by the great universe that no-one really understands. He’s not boggled in a paralyzing way but rather in a let’s-just-keep-pushing-buttons-and-see-what-happens sort of way. He keeps pushing a lot of buttons and it keeps getting more and more interesting.


Greta Wolff

Resin Art

Being a student at heart, I enjoy the challenge of learning new ways to express the beauty I see all around me.  I have tried several different mediums over the years.  My current passion is resin art.

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Maria Lena Medina

Mixed Media Artist

Maria Lena Medina is a mixed media artist residing in Rapid City, SD. She creates abstract and realistic art. She attended Western Nebraska Community College in Scottsbluff, NE obtaining her Associate of Arts degree in 2002. She began creating art as a child and has not stopped. She is always trying new techniques and mediums.


Lalenia Seifert

Oil Painting

“I create art that features the beautiful Black Hills area. I love where I live and this passion gives motivation and heart to everything I create. I hope you enjoy my art and find something for yourself or a gift you’d like to share."

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Alexis Evon

Multiple art forms

Alexis is an avid yarn and 3D artist, chocolatier, painter, singer/songwriter, actor, director, and spiritual philosopher. The most unique among their artwork on display at Shaviq is in the form of an amigurumi which is a Japanese term meaning “crocheted or knitted stuffed toy”.

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Cindy Merrill

Mixed Media

After 30 years working in the Black Hills Gold industry, where I had the opportunity to create several unique designs. I now have more time for my own artistic journey. I find my work to be quite eclectic in nature, including acrylics, colored pencils, pencils, ink, polymer clay and mixed media.


Betty Bonawitz

Photography and Clay

I had received many awards for my photography so this was a special place for me to start as an artist and build a connection with people that were interested in owning my work.  I added clay creations and poetry to go with my photography.


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