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Susan Drey


Susan’s background in architecture, along with her love of nature and passion for life are perfectly conveyed in her watercolor paintings with their energetic and expressive style.

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Jeff Haberstroh


Jeff enjoys working with his hands, especially working with wood. Jeff has his own sawmill and handpicks logs from his property, which he cuts and makes into boards for his projects.


Pam Browning


Pamela Browning started Poquito Arts in Ocean Beach, California where she lived
and worked in the historic Casita Roja as a 3 rd generation ‘OBcean’.


Mark Butcher

Stained Glass

“For me, art is a spiritual experience and I approach it as a spiritual discipline.  God is a Creator and we are made in His image.  Therefore, we were created to be creators.  Art is one of the avenues in which I can fulfill my calling.”

Sarah Elizabeth

Repurposed Art and Poetry

God places each person here for a purpose and He desires to be glorified in every individual’s existence. My role in that is to use art and poetry to praise Him, speak life, bring healing and joy to people, and to use well what I have been given.


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Greta Wolff

Resin Art

Being a student at heart, I enjoy the challenge of learning new ways to express the beauty I see all around me.  I have tried several different mediums over the years.  My current passion is resin art.

Douglas Heck

Oil Painting and Photography

Presently my art comes from 2 sources: 1) My original oil paintings and 2) Photographs I have taken with my digital camera. It has elements of abstraction and realism--and often a combination of both. 


Deborah Vick

drawing and painting

Debbie loves the beauty of the Black Hills and paints them en Plein Air using acrylics. She also excels in pencil, charcoal, Gouache, some watercolor, some crochet and needlework.


Lalenia Seifert

Oil Painting

“I create art that features the beautiful Black Hills area. I love where I live and this passion gives motivation and heart to everything I create. I hope you enjoy my art and find something for yourself or a gift you’d like to share."


Anastasia Smith

Artist, Media Specialist

Anastasia Smith joined the Shaviq team to help build the creative community in the Black Hills.